Manhattan Media uses the full gamut of tools available in the marketing arsenal to create lasting awareness. Whether it’s a DRTV commercial, outdoor signage, or a robust digital presence, we know how to reach your target audience in ways that will create an indelible impression, pique your target audience’s curiosity, and inspire them to learn more.



Once a consumer has shown an interest in your product or service, you can rely on Manhattan Media to help deepen engagement and push prospects further down the sales funnel. We use the right combination of online and offline tactics to inspire touchpoints that convert prospects into buyers.



As direct marketing experts, closing the sale is part of our DNA. Our singular focus in not just generating leads, but converting those leads into sales. We do this through a combination of multimedia and astute variable testing that enables us to identify not only the most powerful offers, but which media delivers the highest rate of conversion and average order value.



We use the full suite of social media opportunities to create lasting brand affinity. From reputation management to nurturing influencers and brand evangelism, the experts at Manhattan Media can ensure your presence is felt across all major social media platforms and that it is imparting positive and lasting good feelings with your brand’s devotees.

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