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With the majority of consumer response occurring online, it’s essential that marketers capture their leads and continue to engage with their target audiences. At Manhattan Media, that challenge begins with superior display advertising tactics to make sure you capture your leads. Then, once we’ve identified those prospects, we ensure that your message cuts through the clutter with vivid and memorable display advertising, targeted social media presence, and focused retargeting and remarketing campaigns that inspire consumers to take action.

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No matter your marketing goals, Manhattan Media has the expertise and relationships to ensure your print campaigns get the very best placement at favorable rates. Whether it’s a branding campaign, retail support, or a program aimed at delivering direct-to-consumer ROI, our 30+ years of experience coupled with our location in the heart of New York City, give us an unmatched ability in the industry to meet and exceed your specific goals.

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Social Media has a tremendous impact on how consumers perceive your goods and services. Whether it’s reputation management, reaching influencers, or using the most powerful social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, Manhattan Media has the necessary skills to make sure your brand is ubiquitous and represented in a favorable light.

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We are experts at building custom out-of-home programs that will put your brand in the spotlight. Whether you’re looking for conventional or electronic billboards, signage in an arena or subway, at a bus kiosk or a custom wall or bus wrap, or a taxi top, we have innovative solutions that will raise your brand’s visibility to new heights. At Manhattan Media we custom tailor a program to meet your specific goals be it increasing overall consumer reach, revving up customer interest, or attracting the attention of retail buyers.

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Television and radio still reach the largest mass audiences of any media and are excellent mechanisms for creating awareness and driving sales through all channels. You can rely on us to make sure your message and offer are compelling and persuasive, whether your goal is to build awareness, capture leads, or sell product direct or through traditional retail channels. 

Broadcast Brett Favre
Broadcast Brett Favre
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